Open your eyes

Trees, glorious trees!

Ah, to walk down the sidewalk and look up and see green leaves blowing in the breeze is a gift from above. Trees provide an endless amount of joy to me. May you discover a wonderful tree whichever spot on the globe you live. πŸ™‚

Entering the Land of Oz…

When I see such vivid colors and lushness I think I have stumbled into the fantasy land of Oz! Reality is filled to the brim with dazzling beauty and technicolor scenes. A dream world and the real world overlap more than we know. Here’s to both worlds intertwining in your life!

May color infuse your life!

These tulips are blooming in my mom’s garden. Such a blessing to be able to behold such beauty! May you discover beauty today and always. Love and peace. πŸ’œ

Happy Easter!

May Christ’s Resurrection give us the strength to rise up against all of our struggles and remind us that love conquers all. Peace and love. πŸŒ·πŸ°πŸ’—

Daffodil Cheer!

When you need a boost of cheer open your eyes and look for a daffodil. This is my favorite Spring bloom. My heart fills with cheer πŸ’› when a daffodil is near. May cheer find you on one of your Spring walks or drives. Peace and love to you.

Open a new door!

Every week it is my goal to open a new door. This could be either a literal door like the doors pictured above or a figurative door. I like to go on mini adventures to visit new towns, restaurants, stores, libraries, museums, historic houses and churches. Going into a new space is invigorating. Also enteringContinue reading “Open a new door!”

A delightful garden shop

I made an outing to Blumen Gardens in Sycamore, Illinois and was beyond dazzled. The garden shop is in an old manufacturing shop. The selection of plants, greens, pots and gifts was outstanding. A beautiful combination of history, nature, offerings and design.

A stained glass wall glows at night.

I was driving around Elgin, Illinois the other night and was struck by the beauty of a stained glass wall on the side of the Salvation Army community building. What a wonderful gift the architect of this building gave to the community with this wall of color.


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